Public Holidays Germany 2018

Public Holidays Germany 2018

All 18 public holidays in Germany 2018 from official source in this list. The next public holiday in Germany in 2018 is on March 30th 2018: Karfreitag, a national holiday.

Weekday Date Public holiday
January 2018
MonJAN 1st 2018Neujahrstagpublic holiday in Germany
SatJAN 6th 2018Heilige Drei Königeregional holiday
February 2018
MonFEB 12th 2018Rosenmontagordinary Monday
TueFEB 13th 2018Faschingsdienstagordinary Tuesday
WedFEB 14th 2018Valentinstagordinary Wednesday
WedFEB 14th 2018Aschermittwochordinary Wednesday
March 2018
SunMAR 25th 2018Palmsonntagordinary Sunday
ThuMAR 29th 2018Gründonnerstagordinary Thursday
FriMAR 30th 2018Karfreitagpublic holiday in Germany
SatMAR 31st 2018Karsamstagordinary Saturday
April 2018
SunAPR 1st 2018Ostersonntagpublic holiday in Germany
MonAPR 2nd 2018Ostermontagpublic holiday in Germany
May 2018
TueMAY 1st 2018Tag der Arbeit / Maifeiertagpublic holiday in Germany
ThuMAY 10th 2018Christi Himmelfahrtpublic holiday in Germany
SunMAY 13th 2018Muttertagordinary Sunday
SunMAY 20th 2018Pfingstsonntagpublic holiday in Germany
MonMAY 21st 2018Pfingstmontagpublic holiday in Germany
ThuMAY 31st 2018Fronleichnamregional holiday
August 2018
WedAUG 8th 2018Augsburger Friedensfestregional holiday
WedAUG 15th 2018Mariä Himmelfahrtregional holiday
October 2018
WedOCT 3rd 2018Tag der Deutschen Einheitpublic holiday in Germany
WedOCT 31st 2018Reformationstagregional holiday
November 2018
ThuNOV 1st 2018Allerheiligenregional holiday
WedNOV 21st 2018Buß- und Bettagregional holiday
December 2018
SunDEC 2nd 20181. Adventordinary Sunday
ThuDEC 6th 2018Nikolaustagordinary Thursday
MonDEC 24th 2018Heiligabendordinary Monday
TueDEC 25th 20181. Weihnachtstagpublic holiday in Germany
WedDEC 26th 20182. Weihnachtstagpublic holiday in Germany
MonDEC 31st 2018Silvesterordinary Monday

About public holidays in Germany: all public holidays in Germany are treated like sundays. This means that most of the German employees have a day off and all schools are closed on these holidays. The regional holidays above only are observed in some states of Germany or in some regions within a state.

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