Public Holidays Malaysia 2017

All 35 public holidays in Malaysia 2017 in this list. The next public holiday in Malaysia in 2017 is on October 18th 2017: Deepavali, a regional holiday.
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Weekday Date Public holiday
January 2017
SunJAN 1st 2017Hari Tahun Baharuregional holiday
MonJAN 2nd 2017Hari Tahun Baharuregional holiday
SatJAN 28th 2017Tahun Baru Cinapublic holiday in Malaysia
SunJAN 29th 2017Tahun Baru Cinapublic holiday in Malaysia
MonJAN 30th 2017Tahun Baru Cinapublic holiday in Malaysia
February 2017
WedFEB 1st 2017Hari Wilayahregional holiday
ThuFEB 9th 2017Thaipusamregional holiday
March 2017
SatMAR 4th 2017Hari Ulang Tahun Pertabalan Sultan Terengganuregional holiday
April 2017
FriAPR 14th 2017Hari Jumaat Agungregional holiday
SatAPR 15th 2017Perisytiharan Bandar Melaka sebagai Bandaraya Bersejarahregional holiday
MonAPR 24th 2017Israk dan Mikrajregional holiday
TueAPR 25th 2017Israk dan Mikrajregional holiday
May 2017
MonMAY 1st 2017Hari Pekerjapublic holiday in Malaysia
SunMAY 7th 2017Hari Hol Pahangregional holiday
WedMAY 10th 2017Hari Wesakpublic holiday in Malaysia
SatMAY 27th 2017Awal Ramadanregional holiday
SunMAY 28th 2017Awal Ramadanregional holiday
TueMAY 30th 2017Pesta Menuairegional holiday
WedMAY 31st 2017Pesta Menuairegional holiday
June 2017
ThuJUN 1st 2017Gawai Dayakregional holiday
FriJUN 2nd 2017Gawai Dayakregional holiday
MonJUN 12th 2017Nuzul Al-Quranregional holiday
SunJUN 25th 2017Hari Raya Aidilfitripublic holiday in Malaysia
MonJUN 26th 2017Hari Raya Aidilfitripublic holiday in Malaysia
TueJUN 27th 2017Hari Raya Aidilfitriregional holiday
July 2017
FriJUL 7th 2017Perisytiharan George Town sebagai Tapak Warisan Duniaregional holiday
August 2017
ThuAUG 31st 2017Hari Kebangsaanpublic holiday in Malaysia
September 2017
FriSEP 1st 2017Hari Raya Aidiladhapublic holiday in Malaysia
SatSEP 2nd 2017Hari Raya Aidiladharegional holiday
SunSEP 3rd 2017Hari Raya Aidiladharegional holiday
SatSEP 16th 2017Hari Malaysiapublic holiday in Malaysia
ThuSEP 21st 2017Awal Muharrampublic holiday in Malaysia
October 2017
WedOCT 18th 2017Deepavaliregional holiday
December 2017
FriDEC 1st 2017Maulidur Rasulpublic holiday in Malaysia
MonDEC 25th 2017Hari Krismaspublic holiday in Malaysia
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