Public Holidays Austria 2017

Weekday Date Public holiday
January 2017
SunJAN 1st 2017Neujahrpublic holiday in Austria
FriJAN 6th 2017Heilige Drei Königepublic holiday in Austria
February 2017
TueFEB 14th 2017Valentinstagordinary Tuesday
MonFEB 27th 2017Rosenmontagordinary Monday
TueFEB 28th 2017Faschingsdienstagordinary Tuesday
March 2017
WedMAR 1st 2017Aschermittwochordinary Wednesday
SunMAR 19th 2017Josefregional holiday
MonMAR 20th 2017Frühlingsanfangordinary Monday
SunMAR 26th 2017Beginn der Sommerzeitordinary Sunday
April 2017
SunAPR 9th 2017Palmsonntagordinary Sunday
ThuAPR 13th 2017Gründonnerstagordinary Thursday
FriAPR 14th 2017Karfreitagordinary Friday
SunAPR 16th 2017Ostersonntagordinary Sunday
MonAPR 17th 2017Ostermontagpublic holiday in Austria
May 2017
MonMAY 1st 2017Staatsfeiertagpublic holiday in Austria
ThuMAY 4th 2017Florianregional holiday
SunMAY 14th 2017Muttertagordinary Sunday
ThuMAY 25th 2017Christi Himmelfahrtpublic holiday in Austria
June 2017
SunJUN 4th 2017Pfingstsonntagordinary Sunday
MonJUN 5th 2017Pfingstmontagpublic holiday in Austria
SunJUN 11th 2017Vatertagordinary Sunday
ThuJUN 15th 2017Fronleichnampublic holiday in Austria
WedJUN 21st 2017Sommeranfangordinary Wednesday
August 2017
TueAUG 15th 2017Mariä Himmelfahrtpublic holiday in Austria
September 2017
FriSEP 22nd 2017Herbstanfangordinary Friday
SunSEP 24th 2017Rupertregional holiday
October 2017
TueOCT 10th 2017Tag der Volksabstimmungregional holiday
ThuOCT 26th 2017Nationalfeiertagpublic holiday in Austria
SunOCT 29th 2017Ende der Sommerzeitordinary Sunday
November 2017
WedNOV 1st 2017Allerheiligenpublic holiday in Austria
SatNOV 11th 2017Martinregional holiday
WedNOV 15th 2017Leopoldregional holiday
December 2017
SunDEC 3rd 20171. Adventordinary Sunday
FriDEC 8th 2017Mariä Empfängnispublic holiday in Austria
ThuDEC 21st 2017Winteranfangordinary Thursday
SunDEC 24th 2017Heiliger Abendordinary Sunday
MonDEC 25th 2017Christtagpublic holiday in Austria
TueDEC 26th 2017Stefanitagpublic holiday in Austria
SunDEC 31st 2017Silvesterordinary Sunday
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